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To Echo Setup, Go to & download Alexa App in Windows, PC & iPhones for Setup Echo. You are immensely welcome to the customer service page of Amazons most exclusive product Echo Dot, the setup details are mentioned below, to directly interact with our customer service executive you can directly call our toll free lines at +1-888-409-8111. Our customer service executive is waiting for your call we are always happy to help you, eagerly waiting for you to call us. The most capable customer service executives are waiting to resolve your issues regarding the Echo Setup.

Designed and developed by Amazon, Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that gets the work done for you by just the command of your voice. This hands-free speaker can be operated by just your voice. You can change music channels, have the news read out to you, get updated about the weather conditions, set alarm clocks and much more once you Register Alexa Echo, which is a cloud-based App. You can either set up your Amazon Echo device on your smartphone itself or for more info, check out web browser:


Confused about setting up your Amazon Echo, relax the Amazon experts are always available at your help the support system is online you can go on through the ongoing process to enjoy Amazon Echo is a quite positive way. The get the Amazon Echo going start the Echo Setup proceed towards the first step, The Alexa app can be downloaded for free, either in the app store on your smartphone or on the web browser. The App is a key necessity in using your device whether to play music, manage alarm times, maintain to-do and shopping lists and more. The Alexa app is a versatile app easy to understand and install the given app is available to run on both tablets and mobile phones, the apps can easily run on Android version 4.0 and above so does on IOS 7.0 or higher. Alexa app for windows is also available you can just turn on your computer using your web browser, any of the following.

The Operating Software Supported By The Device Are:

  • Fire OS 3.0 or higher
  • Android 4.4 or higher
  • iOS 8.0 or higher

Once the app is downloaded, you need to Register Amazon Echo device to the app, create an account and sign in. If you have trouble setting up your device, you can read the instructions on

Amazon Echo Setup
Download Alexa App for Amazon Echo Setup

Web browser Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer on your internet connected computer. Once you log into the browser browse the web page through the web page it will open the gates of successful setup of the Amazon Echo or you could term it as Amazon Echo Setup. Customers looking for Amazon Echo Setup make sure that the Alexa Setup does not work on a majority of the Amazon Kindle Fire. Are still confronting trouble of some kind? The Alexa Technical Support works each minute to solve your queries Amazon echo customer support is ready to solve your every query. In case of troubleshooting avail, the toll-free call facilities call now at Amazon echo technical support phone number +1-888-409-8111  or you can even solve your queries by logging into Feel free to get in touch anytime we strive to provide excellent technical support to clients.

Download Alexa App for Amazon Echo Setup

1. Turn on the Echo device For Echo Setup: 

Once you are done with the app and the sign in or account creation policies move towards the next basic step.  Hold the Amazon Echo find a good surrounding in the room to place the Amazon Echo, makes sure you place it almost 8 inches away from any walls or windows. Once the spot is found and the echo is placed over move further, plug in the USB adapter to a proper power source, watch the echo gain power, and turn up. During to process of plugging in the USB adapter make sure that you use the company provided power adapter as other chargers, related to mobile phones may not get enough power to turn on the Amazon Echo.

When you complete the Register Amazon Echo Process, you need to turn on the device by pressing the button. Before that, plug the device in the charger and power adapter provided. The device is ready to use when the blue ring light turns orange. Alexa will then welcome you with a greeting.

Once receiving a proper power supply the ring of light will automatically turn on, it starts off with a beautiful ring of blue light and soon turns orange in color. If the light doesn’t turn orange you need to press and hold the action button for five seconds. Once the Amazon Echo has the ring of orange lights lit up, Alexa greets or wishes you. The process is simple, but in case you are still facing issues related to Amazon Alexa Echo Setup then you must consult the Amazon echo customer support right now, you could reach us via call or chat. To reach us via call, you can call on our toll-free lines on the Amazon Alexa support phone number +1-888-409-8111, or else you can also contact our Alexa Technical Support by clicking on the Start a Chat button.

2. Connecting Amazon Echo To A Wi-Fi network:

Now the primary step is to connect the Echo to a WIFI network either open or closed you can follow the steps below to connect your device to the available WIFI network. Once the Amazon Echo is connected to a proper power input, proceed and start the next process to open the Amazon Alexa app keep in mind while opening to Amazon Alexa app you can see a panel in the left choose the option namely settings. Move on and select Set Up a New Device option, in case you a returning user then you can select the Update WIFI option. Once done move towards the place where Amazon Echo is situated get hold of the Echo and long press the action related button soon the array of lights in form of the ring will appear that too in an orange color.

Connecting the device and to use the app, you are required to connect to an available wi-fi network. This is an important step while you Register Amazon Echo. In case you have trouble setting up the wifi to the device, unplug and try again. If the problem continues, troubleshoot or check if you have followed the exact step by step procedure as on

Once Echo turn on and turns orange it will automatically connect to your mobile phone in case it does not happen do not panic, you can manually connect you echo to your mobile phone from the list of an available WIFI network. Once found now you can opt for the WIFI network if the network has password add the password and link between them. In some cases, you may not find the device to be selected in such case either add a new network or else rescan and continue towards connecting it mutually. Once a connection is established you can now save the WIFI network for the further use in future. Once connected to Echo you will also find a notification in the app conveying you are connected, in case of further Amazon Echo WiFi Troubleshooting do not panic the Amazon Echo Alexa support, is working day and night to sort out the issues faced by you. Contact the Amazon echo customer support, now in case of any sort of troubleshooting in making a connection with the WIFI networks, you can log on to and your problems will be sorted off. If you are still in trouble and not able to find out the proper measures to keep the Echo up call up the Alexa Technical Support we are online 24 x 7, you can call today on the toll-free lines now call us on +1-888-409-8111 and we are sure to solve your issue then and there.


3. Get Started!

Wow, you actually got it congratulations, you are ready to use your best in the class smart device to its full potential today. Kudos to you the smart yet simple and elegant device namely the Amazon Echo is ready it will now take in all your commands and requests and follow up with substitute answers. Start your Amazon Echo by the easiest process use the wake word to get it ready to hear and there you go, Alexa has turned orange has already heard you and will follow us by greeting you. One the wake word is pronounced Alexa is on and ready to solve your each and every problem right on the spot, what can be more astonishing and promising is made up of one of the best artificial intelligence. The company by default sets the wake word as Alexa as prescribed by the company technicians. The smart Alexa app is ready to help you will certain customizations, the primary customizations you can take over is changing the wake word according to your choices.

The app offers the sense of freedom you can customize the wake word from the Alexa app directly and change it into anything of your choice. To change the wake word is as easy as to drive out butter out of the bowl, just take on the app, check in the left panel you could find the shortcut to settings click on it. Once in the settings window, select your Amazon Echo and then select on the Wake word and then you are authorized to change and customize your new wake word. Still troubleshooting in any manner, do not worry the Amazon Echo Alexa support is ready to support you at any hour of the day you can very well rely on us. In case of Amazon Echo WIFI Troubleshooting contact the Alexa support via a web page, log on to and your issues will be resolved at the earliest. Still in dilemma facing certain issues, do now worry, relax and contact the Amazon Echo Alexa support via telephone Amazon offers toll-free lines, to solve your queries contact Amazon Alexa support phone number available now call us on +1-888-409-8111. We are happy to help you at any point of time feel free to contact us and get your issues sorted out right now.

The final step would be to simply say out the woke word “Alexa” for the device to respond to you and take instructions. This woke word can be changed at any time through the settings of the app. In case, you have trouble with any of the set-up processes, check out the procedure on

Download Alexa App