Download Alexa App for Echo Tap Setup

If you are stuck in Amazon Echo Tap Setup, how to set up wifi on Alexa tap, how to setup Amazon tap,, Amazon Tap Setup, Download Alexa app for Echo Tap setup,, Echo tap setup etc.. then don’t worry we will help you with all these kind of problems Amazon Echo Tap is an Alexa enabled portable and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled speaker which has been developed by Amazon. It provides very rich and full-range sound clarity. Through this device, you can listen to your favorite music, the latest news, weather reports from around the world and much more.  Amazon Echo Tap can be placed anywhere around the house like your kitchen counter, bedroom nightstand, living room, balcony, and many more locations. You just have to tap the microphone button and enable hands-free mode and ask for your favorite music, order your food, hear the latest news and much more with the help of Alexa Voice Service. The Amazon Tap Setup Wifi needs to be complete for you to begin using the device. It is a very easy process and even if you get stuck, Amazon Troubleshooting can help. The Amazon Alexa Tap Support Helpline can also help you in guiding you through the Amazon tap setup wifi process.

Features And Benefits

Amazon Echo Tap has so many features which make our lives easier by ways of controlling and obtaining information that you require by just detecting your voice and as you address by its name Alexa – it immediately responds to asking what you want to hear. Once you do the Amazon Tap Setup Wifi, you can access Alexa which is a cloud-based voice service that is getting smarter by the day. All of you to do is just tap a button and ask for the news, set a time or get the weather report for the day. Here are some of the amazing features and benefits that this smart device as to offer.


  1. All in one Amazon music for you to explore
  2. Switches on with the tap of a button
  3. Choose from a wide variety of music genres and moods
  4. Search for music by the lyrics, year of release, movie name, etc.
  5. Listen to any song available on the internet with Amazon Music Unlimited.
  6. Direct streaming with Amazon Tap Setup Wifi
  7. Stream from various apps such as Amazon music, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and many more.
  8. Itunes can also be synced with Echo Tap using Bluetooth.
  9. Streaming through mobile hotspot when on the go.
  10. Dual Stereo Speakers
  11. Dolby Surround sound for crisp voice and sound
  12. Extended bass response
  13. 360 degrees omnidirectional audio
  14. Small and easily portable design
  15. An Uber ride also can be requested using Echo Tap.
  16. Track your fitness activities by connecting your Fitbit to Echo Tap.
  17. Weighs only over a pound
  18. 9 hour of non-stop playback
  19. easy to charge charging cradle
  20. six colors of slings available to protect the device.
  21. Create shopping lists and to-do lists.
  22. Manage alarm clocks and timers

Technical Details (Setup And Use)


2. Turn on Amazon Tap

Amazon Echo Tap comes with a charging cable and power adapter. Plug in the charging cable and the power adapter into the charging cradle and plug it into the power outlet. Upon switching on the power outlet, the Amazon Echo Tap device’s front light indicators will turn blue followed by orange. Alexa’s voice will boom through the speakers and will enter into set-up mode. If this action is not taking place, contact Amazon Alexa Tap Support Helpline.

4.Talk to Alexa

Once the Set-up is complete, you can just tap the microphone button to speak to Alexa in short and natural phrases. You can also turn on hand free mode and use the wake word “Alexa” to activate the device and use it. When you are done using the device, just press the power button to put the device on sleep mode. This conserves battery. Try Amazon Tap Troubleshooting if you have any problems. For further queries or problems with device contact Amazon Alexa Tap Support Helpline.

1. Download The Alexa App And Sign in With Your Credentials

A free Alexa app is available on both Google Play store and iOS App Store. Download it and set it up with a username and password. From this app, you can manage the alarm, timer, music, shopping lists and many more. The Alexa app is compatible with phones with the following OS;

  • Fire OS 3.0 or higher
  • Android 4.4 or higher
  • iOS 8.0 or higher

You can also visit the website through Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer (10 or higher) on your Wi-Fi enabled computer to download the app.

3. Connect Amazon Tap to a Wi-Fi network

Once the device switches on Amazon Tap Setup Wifi is a quite an easy procedure. Just follow the instructions in the app and connect the device to an available wifi network. In case the setup process does not start automatically, then you just have to press and hold the wifi / Bluetooth button for five seconds and you will hear a tone. Once that is done, open the Alexa app and go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘set up a new device’. To turn off or restart the device, press and hold the power button. If you are still facing trouble, then go to Amazon Tap Troubleshooting to learn.


1. Does the Tap support messaging and calling features?

Yes, it does. For this, you will have to add your favorite contacts to the device in order to be able to communicate using just a command.

2. Can we listen to FM Radio on Tap?

Yes, you can listen to FM Radio on Tap, however, the device will have to stream the FM from the internet. At your command, you should specifically say ‘listen to (insert station name) from Tunein’. Make sure you mention the station name and not the frequency.

3. Can the device be activated without pressing any button?

Yes, instructions for this is given in the manual. You will have to open the Alexa app and from the tools sections, you should click on “enable hands-free” voice activation. If you have issues with activating the device, you can first try Amazon Tap Troubleshooting or else contact Amazon Alexa Tap Support Helpline.

4. Is it necessary to use the charging cradle?

No, it is not necessary to use the charging cradle. You can directly plug the micro USB cable to the device. For more queries, contact: Amazon Alexa Tap Support Helpline.

5. Does the device have to be plugged into power unit all the time?

No, the device will be resting on a charging base. Once fully charged you can remove it from the base and use it anywhere in the house or on the go until the battery runs out. In case of any issues faced with using the device, try Amazon Tap Troubleshooting or else contact Amazon Alexa Tap Support Helpline.