How To Connect To Echo Dots Via Cable Directly ( 3.5mm Jack)

As already mentioned the Echo Dot not only offers Bluetooth connectivity but also audio out connected to external speakers out there. You can easily connect the Echo to the external speakers in your home by following the below steps. Start off the preparation of the connection between the speakers and the Echo Dot by keeping them apart by few feet’s this helps the Echo to hear you easily even when the music is being played. In case they are not kept apart, it may be quite difficult for Alexa to hear the wake word once pronounced by the owner of the Echo Dot. Now, once you have set them apart now it is time to turn your speakers on as they turn on they are ready to be connected to the Echo Dot. You can use both ways female cable both sided 3.5 mm jacked cable connect one end of the cable to Alexa and the other end of the cable to the speakers, once connected the speakers will directly stream content from the Echo and play the content on its own. You are now connected you can now manipulate the volume of the speakers from both the devices you can turn the volume of the external speakers low or you can command Alexa to turn the volume lower or use the basic manual keys of the Echo Dot device to change the volume settings. You may also note a very important point Alexa does not support audio playback from Echo Dot been played from any other device via a wired connection using aux in cables.

Sometime you may be confused in between steps and not able to set it up in a proper manner in such cases do not worry at all the Amazon Echo Alexa support, works 24 x 7 to keep you tension free and ready to solve your bizarre issues at any point of time. While you troubleshoot using of connecting the Echo to external speakers via cables contact the Amazon Echo customer support for a better understanding of the Echo Dot Setup or the Alexa setup in an easier manner. You can also contact the Alexa support by logging on to the web page of Amazon and Alexa, log on to and get professionally guided to solve the issues step by step. In case you are not happy with the web support the Amazon works for the betterment of the customers 24 x 7 hence you can easily drop a call directly to the Alexa support in case of Echo Tap setup issues. You can reach the toll-free lined of Amazon technical support any time just call us directly at +1-888-409-8111 and get all the issues regarding the Alexa setup sorted out in a while. Do not hesitate to call the technical support staff of Amazon we are situated and paid just to help you and keep you happy and satisfied for any queries call us right now we are online 24/7 each day of the week.