www Roku com-provide you with full entertainment package for watching all your favourite channels on a single platform. You have to enter Roku link code to activate Roku Device.

Roku is the best brand for fulfilling your entertainment needs. Various Roku products are Roku1, Roku2, Roku3, and Roku4. Roku Activation of all Roku devices and premium services, you will have to enter Roku link code by following simple steps. After you precede the process of enter Roku link code you will be ready to enjoy all the functionalities of Roku device.

However if you face any difficulty in any step you don’t have to panic, you will be guided properly. It’s our priority to fulfil all the customer need so that you can enjoy the streaming of all the required channels in best possible way.

Procedure for Activate Roku Device

1 – Connect the Roku Player to your TV using HDMI cable.
2 – Using Remote select your network and enter Wi-Fi network access code.
3 – Turn ON your computer and open www Roku com.
4 – Select the payment mode
5 – After that enter Roku link code
6 – Now you are ready to use your Roku Device and watch all channels.

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