Echo Look Setup

Designed under the branch of the Echo family by Amazon, Echo look focuses on Style. This product is your personal automated photographer that helps you look great by taking orders just by your voice. Once Echo Look Setup is done, you can use it to take full-length photos and short videos of your daily look and can also build your very own personal look-book. It is a hands-free camera with extraordinary inbuilt features such as LED lighting, depth sensing, and computer vision-based background blur to make your outfit stand out. Explore and look at your outfit from every angle with the help of the Echo Look App. The throwback to all your outfits, choose your favorite pictures and add it to a collection and share them with your friends. Discover the styles and colors that suit you the best and mentally plan your style. Style check is a new combined service developed for this app that helps you get suggestions from top fashion specialists and opinions on your outfit of the day. Echo Look is not limited to just one user, several people can use one device of Echo Look by logging into different profiles in the Alexa App.

Like all other echo devices, the Echo Look also is used by connecting to the Alexa App once the Echo Look Setup is done. Once the Connect Echo Look To Wifi is done and the device is connected to the Alexa App, You can set alarms and timers, block dates on your calendar, check weather forecasts, traffic, make and manage shopping lists and to-do lists, control your smart home, play music and many more by just asking Alexa for the information. There are several new add-on features that the device is coming up with, such as Fitbit, NPR, and Starbucks. However, In comparison to other echo products, Echo look has a smaller speaker of about 1.6 watts, which gives about the same sound as the speaker on your smart-phone. If your main purpose of an Echo product is for hands-free calling, messaging or loud music in the room, Amazon Echo, Echo Plus or Echo show would be better options.


The Echo Look Setup is a process that is easy to use for anyone. Follow these simple steps to begin using your Alexa echo look:

 1. Download the app of Echo Look, create an account and sign-in:

Open the app store on your mobile phone, search for ” app of Echo Look,” and then select and download this app. Compatible with phones using:

Download the “Echo Look app” using your app store on your mobile. The app is compatible with phones that have Android 5.0 and above or iOS 9 and above for iPhone 5s and higher models.

2. Find an apt place to mount your phone upon:

To make the best out of your echo look pictures, keep in mind the following points while choosing a location:

  • There is nothing obstructing the view of the Echo Look camera
  • For the best full-length picture, you place your echo look at shoulder height and stand just about 5 feet away
  • The space in front of the device needs to be spacious enough for you to turn around and pose
  • Stand at a distance of at least 5 feet to get the right length of the picture
  • Ensure that there is a power outlet near the device to keep it plugged in
  • Make sure the device is placed in a room that is uniformly lit


There must enough arm distance from the space where you will be posing in front of the Echo look.

3. Plug in your Echo Look to the power outlet:

The Echo look needs to be plugged into the power adapter and then into the power outlet. You will see the light ring on the device will turn blue when turned on and switch to orange when ready to use. Alexa will now great you and is ready to be used.


Your Echo Look device may take a little while to set up. If you are unable to get started within 5 minutes, restart or reset your device. Ensure the Connect Echo Look To Wifi is done.

4. Turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Smart Phone:

This is an important step in your Echo Look Setup process, ensure that  Connect Echo Look To Wifi key is on. And set up your Connect Echo Look To Wifi. Punch in the required wi-fi password to complete this step.

5. Register your Echo Look device:

Once your echo look has started, it will guide you with instructions to follow to create and sign-in to your account of your Amazon and register your echo look. Make sure the Connect Echo Look To Wifi key is the same connection as your phone. Also, place your phone and echo look device next to each other for a better network.

6. Get started! Take a photo or video.

Once your Echo Look Setup is complete, before starting to click pictures, remove protective wrap and the film that covers the front part of the device. This will ensure clear and good picture and video quality. Here is how you can take your first photo or video:

  • Adjust the device until you are entirely framed in the full-length picture
  • Keep a distance of at least 5 feet from the device
  • Call out the device by the name “Alexa” and ask to take a picture. The light ring will first turn white, there will be a 2-second countdown and then the pre-flash and the main flash will o odd and the picture is taken.
  • Similarly, for a video, call out “Alexa, take a video”. You can also turn around to take a 360-degree video.

Tip:  Get a preview of your look in the Echo Look app.

Talk to Alexa

Get started by calling out the wake word “Alexa” for your Echo Look. You can also choose to change the woke word by just saying “change the wake word” and then choose from the small list of words provided by the Alexa App. Another way to change the wake word would be through the settings of the Alexa Devices itself. Ensure that your Connect Echo Look To Wifi is on throughout the time of use.