Roku is a device used for streaming TV shows, movies and music on your TV’s through the use of subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify and more. It is compact in size and easy to carry along with you anywhere. It simply needs to be plugged into the TV cable port and can be connected immediately by signing in to your subscribed account. To be able to use your device, you need to roku/ on the roku device for it to start working. You can also find guides on how to find your Roku Activation Code Link online.

Here is a quick guide on how to set up your Roku stick device:

  1. Choose a language – the first step would be to pick a language you would like to stream your videos in. It is important to note that once the language is chosen, it is the channel publisher’s job to support that language. Not all channels have language options.
  2. Connect your Roku streaming stick to the internet- Use your wifi to connect to the internet and punch in the password if required.
  3. Set the display type – Settings > Display type > choose the best fit for your screen
  4. Create a roku account and activate your streaming stick – You will be provided with a activation code on your screen, which you have to type by visiting the roku/ either on your phone or computer. Enter Activation Roku Code and follow the instructions to activate your Roku device. There are no charges for the activation of the Roku Activation Code Link.

Punching in the Roku Activation Code Link is the final step in your set up process. You will not need to roku/ every time you log in. Enjoy streaming the videos and music of your choice now!