In this blog, we talk about that how to activate Alexa Echo Dot or Echo. So, follow these steps which are mentioned below to Setting Up Amazon Dot.

Step 1: Plugging in Your Echo Device:

First of all, you have to decide that where you want to Setting Up Amazon Dot means in which place of the house where you want to keep it. So, after deciding the location plugin on it with electrical power.


Step 2: Download Alexa App:

Go to your mobile play store where you can download easily Alexa app to Setting Up Amazon Dot.

Step 3: Sign in to your account on Amazon:

After opening your Amazon account, you have to log in with your registered email or password.

Step 4: Tap [Home Menu Button ]:

Click on the home menu button which is mentioned above figure after that a popup will display on your screen then go to the “Setting”

Step 5 [Setting]: The second step is to click on “Set up A New Device”.

Step 6 [ Select Your Device]: After clicking on the blue button in the middle of the page as shown in fig. Select your device which one you have to set up.

Step 7 [ Select Your Language]You can Setting Up Amazon Dot with the language of your choice.

Steps 8 [ Connection]: Click on the blue button “Connect To Wifi” or you can also cancel your setup from here.

Step 9 [ Connect to Wi-Fi]: kept continue your process to connect to wifi tap on the Continue button.

Step 10 [Check Connectivity]: You have to check an orange light blinking on your device which indicates for connectivity.

Step 11 [ Wifi Network]: Tap on your connection or network of wifi and you can set here your email or password.