Echo Look is different from its sister products due to its inclination towards fashion. It helps you take splendid pictures and create a profile or gallery of your favorite outfits. Here is a quick guide on how to setup your echo look device:

1. Download the Echo Look app

Download the app from the App store on your smartphone by searching for “Echo Look”. This is compatible with the following OS:

  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • iOS 9.0 or higher for iPhone 5s and higher models

2. Mount your device on an apt place

The following points need to be kept in mind while using your Echo look device, for best results:

  • Ensure there are no obstructions in the view of the device and you
  • Plant the device at shoulder height and pose at a distance of at least 5 feet away for capturing a full-length picture
  • Leave enough space in front of the device giving room for you to pose
  • Place the device near a power outlet to be able to plug it in at all times
  • The room where the device is kept needs to be uniformly lit to get the best picture at any time

3. Plug in your Echo Look to the power outlet

Your device needs to be plugged into the power outlet always for it to work. The device is ready to use when the ring light turns orange. Alexa will greet you everytime you turn the device on.

Tip:  If you have trouble setting up your device, you can read the Echo Look Setup guide online to help you with.

4. Turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Smart Phone.

A wifi connection is a must in the Echo Look Setup the process. You need to Connect Echo Look To Wifi at all times when using the device.

5. Register your Echo Look device.

  1.  Once your echo look set up has been completed, you will be guided by a set of instructions to sign and register your device. Ensure you have Connect Echo Look To Wifi throughout the procedure. It is advisable to place your phone close to the device for better working.

6. Get started! Take a photo or video.

To get started after your Echo Look Setup is done, get rid off the protective frame covering the lens for a clear image. Simply call out “Alexa, take a picture” and pose away. You can also take a video the same way.