How To Use Echo Dot?

Have you heard of a mini version of a robot in the form of a speaker? Yes, Echo Dot is a smart speaker that can take instructions and deliver them by just recognizing your voice. By Setting Up Amazon Dot to the Alexa App, there are several activities that can be performed through its numerous inbuilt features by just instructing it. Right from making phone calls, sending text messages, playing music, reading our Audiobooks from Audible and asking for information, this speaker can do it all. It can also take charge of your smart home in terms of turning on/off the lights and fans, sprinklers, opening garage doors, etc. It responds to the name of “Alexa”, which was set by default and can be changed while Setting Up Amazon Dot to few other options that have been provided.

Here Is An Easy Guide On Setting Up Amazon Dot:


  1. Download The Alexa App And Sign In To Your New Account:

This is the key step in the functioning of the Echo Dot speaker. The Alexa app can be downloaded for free either on the play store or the app store on your Android or iPhone or smartphones. Maximum of your work for the Alexa Dot Setup is done once this step is completed.

2Turn on The Speaker:

In order for Echo Dot to function, it needs to be placed in the center of the room and plugged into a power adapter and outlet with approximately 20 centimeters distance from any wall or window. The ring on the speaker will then turn blue to orange, which means the Alexa dot setup is done and is almost ready to use.

 3. Connect The Speaker To A Wi-Fi Network:

The Alexa App will now guide you in Setting Up Amazon Dot speaker with an available wi-fi connection. There are two ways to consider if the set-up doesn’t happen:

  • Hold on to the action button, until ring turns orange > Open Alexa App > Menu > Alexa Devices > Add Alexa Device.
  • Restart by unplugging and plugging in the device and reset factory settings.

    4. Connect With Alexa:

Your Amazon Dot set-up is complete and you can now begin using it by saying out the woke word “Alexa”.